About Us


What is HPL?

HPL is made from layers of Kraft paper with phenolic resins and decorative paper manufactured under high pressure and temperature


Where can be applied?

– Benches
– Table Tops
– Wall Linings
– Kitchen
– Wardrobe

Why Global HPL?

  1. International Standard

    Global high pressure laminates is certified with ISO 9001 standard as it also friendly to environment to support Go Green campaign and is approved internationally by interior designers testing as one the highest standard quality laminates

  2. Superior Prices

    With deco paper manufactured from Cordoba city in Spain, Global is capable to serve quality tested laminates with very effective prices

  3. Sense of Design Ranges

    Within ranges of solid colors and woodgrains, always have visibility at classy looks of those all top class colors worldwide

We are also equipped with HPL pressing machine and accept service if in condition you don’t have the press machine and wants us to press the HPL into MDF, plywood, and block board using our eco friendly white glue